Sunday, May 3, 2015

Release Your Bad Emotion

Hi there,
Sometimes when you're down and blue, wait for the short vocation is not enough. I am a big fan of anti-stress toys, anyway bully these toys is much better than yell at someone.

Faces are made of polyurethane resin and have strong anti-strike capability. You can ravage casually then let it go, it can restitute immediately.

Click to get Anti-stress Human Face!

You can stretch, snap, pop, tear, knead or bounce Thinking PuttyWhen using the magnet you can do loads of magic type games. Thinking Putty will not dry out, is not sticky and is non-toxic. 

Thinking Putty is available here.

Squash and bend away all the stress and tension the day may bring.

Banana Stress Pressure Relief Toy.

If you feel angry but do not know how to vent.Pitch it!!! Or Squeeze it!!!
Relief Venting Mushroom Toy.
It would not stop spinning once you put it on the surface. Real or dream? Inception will tell you.Get Spinning Magnetic.

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