Tuesday, April 21, 2015

How to Choose Swimwear by Your Size

Hi loves,
A set of appropriate swimsuit will highlight your good figure. Some advice about how to choose your charming swimsuit.
Hourglass figure:The width of shoulder and hip are almost unanimously but the waist significantly shrink.
Criterion of choose:
1.Highlight the waist! Fission style swimsuit should be your first choice.
2.If you want to wear a conjoined swimwear, then small patterns would look slimmer than big patterns.
3.Do not choose the bright colors if you have big chest and your body is X shape.
Straight Figure:Thin and small curve.
1.Try to make body look bump and curve. Inflated ruffles or frills style would do help, also neck and chest crossover style would make the breasts look chubby.
2.Choose the bright color style which allows you more stereo.
3. You can select a  high-slit triangles make your legs look more slender.
Strawberry figure:Shoulder is wider than hip and waist doesn't clearly constrained.
1.To achieve the balance stature you should broaden the width of the crotch. Choose a  split swimsuit and the lower body better be skirt.
2.A darker upper suit match a brightly lower dress. By controlling the depth of color and visual expansion to achieve the purpose of shaping.
3.No round neckline style or horizontal stripes.Try V-neck and U-neck can stretch distance between your chin and chest and significantly narrow your shoulder.
Pear-shape figure:Narrow shoulder than crotch.But pear-shaped's upper body is generally thin and have a  slim waist.
1.Never go wrong with dark upper and lighter lower.
2.Lower body should avoid large floral pattern,neither do bows, flounced, short pleated.
3.High collar and round neck design make your shoulder look wider, thus transferring visual effects.
Apple-shaped figure: Shoulder and hip look fine but have a expanded waist.
1.Do not choose large pattern. Simple and elegant with little pattern or solid color is OK.
2.Flounced style of chest would make your abdomen does not look that expanded.
3.The design of waist line is under the chest will do help.

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