Friday, February 26, 2016

AMAZING Nail Art Water Decals in

There have many AMAZING print nail art water decals in Lady Queen Shop now!
Today, i will presented some beautiful nail water decals to you here. Many beautiful floral and so lovely pets Print water decals here. They are wonderful! I think you can use them make more beautiful nail art designs. So amazing! No time to miss for you! 

Ok, let't have a look for those nice nail water decals now!

This is a large size Print YB649-660 for 12 kinds floral patterns/sheet
Large size Print YB625-636 for 12 kinds floral patterns/sheet! 
Large size Print YB589-600 for 12 kinds floral pattern/sheet!
Large size Print YB781-792 for 12 kinds floral pattern/sheet!

Large size Print YB745-756 for 12 kinds floral pattern/sheet!
Large size Print YB733-744 for 12 kinds floral pattern/sheet!
 Large size Print YB793-804 for 12 kinds floral patterns/sheet! 
Print BLE140 kind floral pattern/sheet! 
Print BLE1809 kind floral pattern/sheet! 
Print 1602 kind floral pattern/sheet! 
Print BOP/193 kind floral pattern/sheet! 

Print C256-259 1 kind floral pattern/sheet! 
Print C268-271 1 kind floral pattern/sheet! 
Print C260-263 1 kind floral pattern/sheet! 

Colorful Bright Morning Glory Floral Nail Art Water Decals

Print DS223-238 kind floral pattern/sheet! 
Print HOT262-263 kinds floral patterns! 

Colorful Feather Beautiful Tips Print Nail Art Water Decals

Print HOT316-318 kinds floral patterns! 

Colorful Feather Beautiful Tips Print Nail Art Water Decals

Print C196-C199 kinds pattern! 
Print BLE1731-1741 1 kind floral pattern/sheet! 
Do you like those nail art water decals???

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Have a enjoy in those beautiful floral nail art designs. They are all used by our nail art water decals. Come on ! You can do those beautiful designs too! Action now!!!

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