Thursday, April 16, 2015

See Through Your Life From A Piece of A4 Paper.

Hi loves,
Life is only 900 months. You can draw a 30*30 form on a piece of A4 paper and tick in the small grid every month, then your life will be shown in this piece of white paper.
If you're about 20 years old, your life will be like this:
Suppose you had a relationship with your partner for 6 months, then it shows on the paper like this:
If you're a 30-year-old workaholic, here is your life:
If you have just had a baby, then you can be together with him/her from day in to day out before your sweetheart go to the kindergarten will be:
You will pay lots of energy until he/she go to the college, so the effort you pay is like this:
Now suppose our parents are in their fifties, then their life is:
If you could meet them everyday, then you can accompany your parents like this:
If you meet them twice a month, then you can be with them like this:
If you meet them once a year, it will be like this:
Life is short. Cherish every single day in your life, care and well-treat everyone around you.


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