Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Tattoo Stickers are on their way

Hi guys,

I am so excited to tell you that a dozens of Tattoo Stickers are on Lady Queen now! 
Lady Queen's Tattoos Stickers are of high quality and they resemble real tattoos after you affix them to your skin. They should last for several days, depending upon your skin and on how you maintain the tattoo.

Let party on Tattoo Stickers! Here we go!

Colorful Necklace and Bracelets patterns!
You can stick it on your neck or your wristle or anywhere you like. Must be super cool!

This one would be so fit in your arms or legs or thigh! Want to have a try? :-D

Summer equals beach time, you would definitely need this one during your trip on the sea!

If you're a big tattoo fan.You can't miss it! This is a must have one!

Super cool and convenient Body Chain Style!
I love this pretty much. It definitely in my Must have list!

Black Lace for elegant pattern!
If you don't want to the above tattoo stickers, these elegant pattern should fit your style. :-)

Lady Queen has more amazing tattoo stickers! Come here to have a look, you won't miss the gorgeous shopping experience.

Tips:Using some soaps on the tattoo area may reduce the longevity of the decoration.

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