Thursday, June 4, 2015

Every coin has two sides.--Cellphones

Hi guys,

Cellphones is a very useful tool in our daily life. Phone calls, surfing the Internet, text or online shopping are all included in cellphone. But the majority of us probably need to take a look and change how we manage our cellphone use.

Cellphone makes us become deaf somehow.

Somehow we are all blind.

Lead a new tan.

Sometime you want to drop down it but no one there.

Accident site of 21st century.

Even though you are married.

Wait! Before I died please let me selfie and post on my Facebook!

The final version of Human's Evolution.

Phone is a communication tool, don't let them rule your life. There are more amazing things happen in life, what you need is to put down your phone, to feel it, to enjoy it!

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