Wednesday, June 10, 2015

3D Nail Decoration NEW ARRIVALS !

Hi loves,

Lady Queen recently collects a great amount of fabulous 3D Nail Decorations. It's high time to get your nails equipped with these shining balls. Come to visit  and check these amazing bling-bling products!

Let me introduce some of the adorable outstanding items.

These crystals nail balls would make your nails more attractive in the sun.

Is this triangular 3D Nail Art Decoration Studs suitable for you?

Your nails would be so cute with the dinosaur or bowknot thin metal.

Elegant small pearl ball.

These flowers can be divided into 4 petals or 5 petals. White or black is at your service.

How can we miss nail wheel in 3D decoration? Check the shinning pearl diomand set!

This Golden&Silver Round Spiral Pattern Stud match black polish make classic.

Please visit our website for more information and hope you could find something you like here. 

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