Wednesday, May 27, 2015

All Nail Stamping Plates only charge $1.99 !

Hi gorgeous,
Great News! only charge $1.99 for ALL the nail stamping plates! It will last from May 26 to June 8!!

Nail stamping plates is the necessity of DIY nail art. They're great for manicures and pedicures. Today I will introduce amazing stamping plates in

Each round plate diameter: 5.5cm. These plates are especially made for professionals, but us amateur nails addict gals can rock them out too! 
They are beautiful.

Pirate avatar make you look super cool.And each pattern's size is suitable for your nails. Want to have a TRY?

Geometric image has been always been my style. I love things in regular status.

A picture worths a thousand words. Let us enjoy the beautiful stamps here!
Welcome to beach style. :-D

Cat lovers mush have such cute one.

Beauties always combine with flowers.

Do you guys like this collection? LadyQueen offer more stamping plates at high quality and great price. I hope all of you could enjoy it! always finds ways to satisfy all your needs. Come in and check our results!

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